WT#6 Depth of Field

(Tinna J) #23

:joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy: Yupp no I still live on the planet :joy::earth_asia:

(Thomas Thompson) #24

hahaha image

(Hem Bhandari) #25

Thanks all my friends for liking picture posted in the forum. Hem Bhandari [hem2411]

(Camellia Staab) #26

I find it interesting that until your post here on the forum, I had not seen any of your submissions on the regular blog. How does that happen? Am I not looking in the right places? Anyway you seem to have a variety of posts, that I just saw. Welcome to the blog :slight_smile:

(Hem Bhandari) #27

Many thanks Chemillia for your encouraging words.
An inquisitive vision like yours, remains always in look out for some thing attractive.You must have been observing many pictures of your liking.My work came across your eyes now,as an addition. So let us continue this journey in this Forum.
Cheers & Best Wishes
Hem Bhandari