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by Roxana Navar Bueno October. 14, 2012 4542 views

Technology is considered to be a power tool in todays rapidly advancing society. However, can it be affecting us negatively? The photo above depicts a family at a Dennys Diner awaiting their meals. The mother and son are fixed on an Ipad screen, while the father is glued to his Iphone. I am no one to criticize anyones parenting or relationship strategies, however, it does bring up some questions. Is the child gaining important communication skills? How is the communication between spouses? Many of us were taught that “family time” is something of great value. Family time brings families closer, it gives family members an opportunity to express themselves in a safe and welcoming environment. Has technology taken away the value of family time and face-to-face interaction? If a family goes out for dinner, isn't it to get away from everything and everyone? Perhaps so, still, we continue our virtual conversations during our real-life conversations. What I want to bring to everyones attention is that there needs to be a transition or separation between technology & human relationships. Consider turning off or putting away your devices when engaging in any type of interaction with another human being. Do you appreciate when someone is so busy doing something, it seems you can't get a word in without their full attention? You are trying to tell them something important and they will not give you the time of day? Well, reading a text message/email while your friend is telling you his/her problems is not very thoughtful either. We must build better communication amongst ourselves. Spend time with your family or friends without the distraction of your device. Most importantly, listen to what they are telling you, they may be here today and gone tomorrow. They may be crying out for help for all you know, yet you didn't take the time to listen. What if you could have been the person who prevented a tragedy from happening with just a simple conversation….

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Roxana Navar Bueno 8 years, 9 months ago

Thank you!

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Mikkal Noptek 8 years, 9 months ago

Great picture

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