Texting while Dining!

by Roxana Navar Bueno October. 25, 2012 5090 views

Many of us find ourselves compelled in checking any updates we may have recieved while we were away from our devices. Yes, our society is becoming reliant on technology! No offense to those of you who love it, of course, it is a great tool to advance in our society! In fact, technology is crucial. However, do you find it “normal” for a couple to sit across from eachother at a dinner table and there is nothing but silence? This is not healthy for any relationship. The image above depicts a man and a woman (obviously in a relationship) having dinner at a restaurant. (Now, putting your bare foot on someones lap at a restaurant is just bad ettiquette!) In regards to the “texting while dining”, our society has grown to recognize this behavior as acceptable! Technology should be put aside during a moment between you and another individual(s). Communication with a live person has got to be your top priority, not the cell phone. Texting & dining should not be allowed as something casual. I understand we all have important updates or emergencies, that is fine. However, what crosses the line is using technology deliberately when you are supposed to be interacting with someone in person. We have got to start noticing and acknowledging other people. Any relationship should have a clear foundation of communication. If you were in this couples situation, would it not make you curious as to know who he/she may be speaking to? Now, let's not get that confused with jealousy, that is a completely different story! But who could be more important than your spouse at that precise moment at dinner? Just food for thought. Think about the message you are conveying to others with your actions. Remember, 93% of communication is NON-VERBAL! So, even before you open your mouth to speak, someone may have already read what message you are trying to get across…

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