What a cell-ciety!

by Roxana Navar Bueno November. 13, 2012 5273 views

I may not be an expert, but I know an unhealthy relationship when I see one! The above photo is of a couple, sitting next to each other, both on their cell phones! Now, what makes this even more ironic, is that this is an OB-gyn office. She is pregnant with his child. Shouldn't there be some sort of communication and affection?! Instead, they are each busy on their cellular devices. At such an important time in a relationship, couples should be conversing more than ever about their plans, goals and strategies of raising their child. Who knows, but by the looks of it, our society is becoming really self centered. We are too busy focusing on ourselves, that we forget to pay attention to what's important in life. That text or email, should never be more important than what is happening in real life. Of course there are things that are difficult for people to discuss, but one thing I have learned is “ if you feel uncomfortable, you're doing it right!” We, as a society, need to start communicating with one another. We can not allow technology to come between our human interactions or perhaps replace it! We all have a voice and we all need to be heard. Take the time to listen to others, get to really know someone you care about. Especially if you are in a relationship, make it a priority to have a clear foundation of communication. Make sure you know what it is the other person wants and needs by listening to them. Limit your time from your cellphone when you are in the presence of others, at least to be polite. Be someone who is a pleasure to be in company of, this way we can all make the world a better place. Cheesy but true! Do your part…

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