The Domino Effect!

by Roxana Navar Bueno December. 11, 2012 5478 views

Did you know that some women can turn a frog into a prince?! Yes, it's true! However, it takes a queen not a princess! Sadly, on the other hand, some women do the opposite and they turn a prince into a frog …AND That my friends, is frog farming!
Today I will be giving you interesting information on how to communicate and get along better with the opposite sex whether it is with your friends, family, or your partner.

I will be discussing 10 important key points:

1. A woman's perspective of a man is extremely important. If a woman thinks of a man as always being a prince, he will always remain a prince for her. But if she sees him as a frog he will always act like a frog. It all depends on a womans perspective.
2. What comes to mind when I say “Queen”? Perhaps a confident, glowing, lovely, beautiful lady. Yes, That is what we women must regard ourselves as in order for men to love and respect us.
3. Don't ever take a man's power from him, he will feel completely castrated. In other words, you are depriving him of his masculinity.
4. Jealousy, it doesn't help a relationship, it only makes things worse. It makes a man feel like he's not good enough for you.
5. Men are generous and giving, they play for points. allow them give. It makes them feel needed. Men, don't be afraid to give because women love it!
6. Understand and inspire men. Men should also understand and inspire us women to do our very best.
7. Ladies, listen to men, make them feel special. Listening is the only way you will support someone to open up to you. Don't be annoying by this asking multiple questions at once.
8. Honesty, We have to be completely honest with men by clearly communicating with them what we like & don't like.
9. We often carry around what I like to call the “mental check off list”. What I mean by this is, we have a listgood of all the “perfect” things we want from the opposite sex. But there is no such thing as a perfect person. We must set realistic expectations for ourselves and others.
10. Men do not compete with women, instead cherish and love them for being beautiful intelligent beings. Ladies, Be soft, gentle, calm, and relaxed…

Now that I have given you 10 key points for successful interaction with the opposite sex, by acting upon these important facts, both men and women can co-exist peacefully. So act like a queen and you will be treated like one, Think of a man as prince and he will be a prince for you!

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