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Technology is great, however, I have been noticing it is seriously affecting human relationships! I can't seem to go to a diner, cafe, (actually ANYWHERE!) without seeing someone on their phones or laptops. It's understandable if you are alone, but what if you are with family, friends, or partner?? Is it acceptable to use technology at a time where you are suppose to be socializing face-to-face? I deem not, therefore I've created this blog in which I will post one photo per blog giving an example of this issue. If I can get through to just one person, that's a start! My goal is not to make light of the potential issues but rather put them in perspective. At times, I may stray away from the topic of technology. However, the blogs will always be directly corrolated with communication. Enjoy & reflect please! :D
P.s) For those who ask if these photos are taken from the internet, the answer is NO. I personally capture these situations.


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