Colorado Country Church

by Jean Paul Escalera February. 08, 2017 2390 views

When I see old, abandoned churches, I can't help but wonder what sacred stories lie within the walls of these deserted places of worship. 

Who built them? When were they built? How many weddings, funerals, baptisms, potluck dinners were held there? How many members did it have? But most important of all, was the Gospel faithfully preached during all the years that the doors were open?

I took this picture in Matheson, CO., on US 24, about 55 miles NE of Colorado Springs, in February 2016 at sunset.

Colorado Country Church

Old country church in Matheson, CO.

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Thepilgrim 4 years, 2 months ago

Great image and great story to go with it!

4 years, 2 months ago Edited