Old Roots & New Shoots

by Jean Paul Escalera February. 21, 2017 1290 views

Today, February 21, 2017, it is supposed to be 75 degrees here in Hastings, NE! You  may be thinking, "Yes, and your point is?"

Well I just took this picture at the base of a small tree in our front yard and if you look closely you will see the message that I see on this beautiful day. Spring is coming! 

By the way, how many colors can you see? I just did a little research on the internet and it seems that the human eye can see about 2.4 million. Research shows that women are more sensitive to colors and see colors better than men! 

Start counting!

Roots & Shoots

How many colors do you see?


Roots & Shoots

Old Shoots & New Roots

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