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The pictures look paler than they should be. I think it's photoblog's problem because it looks absolutely fine on my computer and Flickr.

A reminder to myself, save enough money to be in the First Class Carriage. Ok, so I was in Edinburgh just before the weekends. The weather was horrible. Cold, wet and very gloomy.

We (Hsu Pheen & I) stayed in our friends place which has a lot of ‘character’. The house is at least a century old according to my friend, Jessica. She was indeed the BEST host in the universe. Thank you Bobby, Kumar, and Ker Keong too (for letting me stay in your room even though you were not around. I messed it up).

The Basic Surgical Skills course was awesome. We sutured on pig's trotters and debrided turkey legs filled with tumeric powder, digestives biscuits and small pieces of latex gloves. It really looked like a nasty wound. We also had the chance to learn about laparoscopy and have a go at it.

On the other hand, after much consideration, I finally came up with the conclusion that Edinburgh is a city filled with racism, edging off the brim already. The last time I was here, there was an old lady who shouted at us (a bunch of pleasant, good looking Malaysians) randomly. Well she wasn't gonna throw her bananas or tomatoes at us, but she did mock us, asking us to go back to where we came from. I hope she has brain tumour. This time, it was a bunch of drunk kids attacking Kumar and his brother, Dinesh while we were walking out to grab a drink.

Alcohol + 13 year old kids = Fucked up situation

Dinesh called the cops and we left for Steamie, a nice cosy pub with reasonable priced drinks. In Steamie, we got told off for being too noisy.

Now, the question is, have you ever got sounded for being too noisy in a pub?

Well I haven't.

Either Scotland is a pleasant place where everybody engages in a soft, small talk - even in the pub, or they were just being racist. I'm thinking the latter.

Anyway, a good trip nonetheless.

Princes Street

Some church, from the kitchen windows, disturbed by the overhanging cable

Through the glass of Bobby's room

The Royal Mile

Kumar and Dinesh

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