Vantage Point

by Alex Gan March. 18, 2008 1076 views

Best quote of the movie..

“Mr. President, are you injured…?!?”
Dennis Quaid as Thomas Barnes

My response: DUH

In my honest opinion, I think this movie has quite a good twist to it. It builds up slowly and it gets better. Just make sure you don't divert any of your attention while watching it ie. texting your friend or picking up popcorn remnants on your t-shirt. Because by doing so, you might just miss a crucial part of the show and the rest of your time in the cinema is as good as fucked.

I hate the depressed black man.

This ghostly picture serves no purpose. Side effects after looking too thoroughly include low sperm count and for ladies, asymmetrical breasts. Thank you.

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Kerry 9 years, 4 months ago

I like this photo!! :)
As for the movie... I'd like to see it, and your little mention of it here only makes me want to see it more.... maybe I'll venture out this weekend to see it... hmmmm

9 years, 4 months ago Edited