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“Leaders need to be optimists. Their vision is beyond the present..”
Rudy Giuliani

The Sepang Formula 1 Race is this weekend!

When I was reading about the history of this track on the Formula 1 website, I couldn't help but notice some important points, which most of us if not all have forgotten. Lost in time I call it.

Tun Mahathir once had a vision. It was the wawasan 2020, meaning by this year, Malaysian should be a fully industrialised country. Thus during the time when he served as prime minister, mega projects such as the KLIA, the Multimedia Super Corridor (MSC), the Petronas Twin Tower and the Sepang Formula 1 track were built.

From what I can remember, during my secondary school years when these things happened, it was glorious. Everybody in the world got to know Malaysia eventually. It wasn't that big piece of space in between Thailand and Singapore anymore. It has one of the most advanced Formula 1 track and the tallest tower in the world. I was proud of Malaysia. I still am.

But as we go along, as cabinet ministers change, we lost the direction to progress. Now not being completely up to date with the progress in Malaysia (I'm usually quite ignorant), but just from a general observation, I feel that our once upon a time wawasan 2020 vision has been shattered into pieces. In fact, the country is moving backwards rather than the opposite.

Is our new leader too conservative, or the previous one too ambitious?

I definitely missed those moments in school..

P/S: Fuck you Mclaren, cos the Prancing Horse is back!

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