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Leif Alexander Bernard of Happy Lion Portraits - Glens Falls, NY

Leif Alexander Bernard of Happy Lion Portraits - Glens Falls, NY

I rarely use my studio lights and when I do, it's typically on location and in relation to professional head shots. It's tough to find time these days to do something for yourself more or less something off the cuff for someone else, with zero expectations. I used to make the time to get out and capture photographs for myself. I had a close group of friends that used to venture out to waterfalls and covered bridges. It always gave us a sense of escaping from reality. Making photographs for ourselves while enjoying great conversation, random lost personal items deep in the woods and the occasional slip and fall. Those days are too far gone and I need to find a way to get back into that.

So when my local buddy, Leif Alexander Bernard, Owner of Happy Lion Portraits in Glens Falls, NY asked to borrow the studio for an upcoming shoot, it turned into a quick but entertaining hour of strobe tutorials. Leif is unique. I am not sure how else to put it. I've never met anyone like him. He's ultra-talented, his dedication for wanting to become a successful photographer is real, but it's on his own terms. He doesn't care much for material things it seems. His love for the little things like African disco music, eating raw garlic and the search for the ultimate vegan burger is perplexing to me but inspiring at the same time.

Leif Alexander Bernard - Happy Lion Portraits - Glens Falls, NY

Leif Alexander Bernard - Happy Lion Portraits - Glens Falls, NY

He's got a cool name, he's animated, honest and he's technically competition. I've always felt great pride in building relationships with local photographers. So many feel the need to alienate themselves to a point of getting that reputation of being better than the rest of us. In the end, it's the relationships you build, using your talents to make memories for people that appreciate it so why not share stories and ideas with those who have chosen the same path.

I suppose this was a great way for me to forget about the daily stagnant photo shoot. It's really not much different from those day trips though... it's still building a relationship based on the love for photography...

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