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Jessica & Tim - June 2018 - Paradox, N.Y.

Jessica & Tim - June 2018 - Paradox, N.Y.

An E-Session story: Since my background is in photojournalism, I rarely get the chance to slow myself down on assignment. I look at things quickly, read the light, pose the subjects or catch the action so to say. Engagement sessions are different. They give me more time to spend with a couple. Getting to know them and hearing the details of how they met has always been of interest. I love to suggest to my couples to make their session tell a story. Use the photographs to reflect on a certain time in your life when one asked to marry and the other said yes or even a place that is special to just the two of you.

For Jessica & Tim, Southwoods Camp in Paradox, NY made total sense. The two worked at the camp together and eventually became a couple. Although Tim didn't officially propose to Jessica at the camp, he did that in NYC, I wanted to discover the perfect spot on the grounds that was special to them both. The truth is, there were many spots. The baseball field, the beach and the cabin where they shared their first kiss. It was sensory overload for me as I could have easily spent most of the day visiting different areas of the camp. It wasn't until the last few moments of the shoot when I happened to glance over walkway where campers venture from the grounds, under a busy country road and down to the beach. I quickly set up a Canon strobe, slapped on a MagMod grid and went to work. It's one of those wow moments for me as I realized that I not only captured an image that perfectly told their story, but also made me happy to be a photographer. I am often in a rush on a wedding day, it's demanding at times but extremely satisfying to create a body of work that you know will be in a family long after I am gone. I need to slow down my mind and my eyes sometimes remind myself how lucky I am to have found this outlet in my life and discover a way to give it to others.

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