Hoodoo 500 Ultracycling

by Garylee September. 06, 2011 2154 views

When I'm not working my orifice - uh- office job, I'm working my weekend job coordinating endurance-cycling events and timing running events. I much prefer the cycling.

These pictures are from a recent event I worked called the Hoodoo 500, which takes place once a year in Southern Utah. Riders work together in teams, or ride solo for 500 miles in 48 hours! Some solo “voyager” riders go without sleep, or support vehicles for the entire race.

Action and sports photgraphy is something I've never practiced much, but wanted to help our company promote the ride and keep followers of the race at home posted on riders' progress and conditions. By the end of it, I was REALLY enjoying it and everyone was very appreciative of my efforts. As I drove the course, officiating the race, I was able to stop at checkpoints to upload pictures for the families and friends at home that were rooting for their riders.

Overall I had a blast- seeing some beautiful country, and working with some amazing athletes and their support crews. By far one of my favorite events of the year!

The lead solo rider closing in on the win, exiting Snow Canyon, Utah. This guy lost muscle strength and control in his left arm and shoulder and had to to have a little assistance from his crew. If you will notice, he has a splint on his left arm made from sticks, gauze and a cycling magazine for support. He rode like this for the last 200 miles!

Flash wasn't quick-cycling enough to get good fill-in of the shadows :(

I framed this scene and waited about 45 minutes in the desert heat for a rider to pass through for what would have been an awesome shot! No such luck, so I moved on.

Just a taste of the awesome scenery I enjoyed as I drove the course officiating and keeping both riders and crews honest and in-line.

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