It takes time - day 9

by Audrey Jones January. 10, 2017 305 views

Dusty camera !!!

Making a virtue out of necessity, I am trying techniques where I do not need to lift a camera [much] or can do it single and left handed. A little product type photography seemed suitable. Subject on tripod as well as camera on tripod, one light and a reflector. What can go wrong? 

Firstly, it takes an age to set up working mostly left handed: improvise rig to hold reflector [something to work on further at another time], one speed light, Yongnuo triggers, new batteries, light stand, Rogue flash bender. Find the right remote release cable... etc. Fiddle around with exposures, the idea being to have just the subject lit. 

This result is really a first attempt. Better not to have a white wall behind, better not to be in a pretty light area and most of all  - so much dust is revealed by that one directional light. There is another urgent job: clean all the kit again. Then repeat the exercise tomorrow.

As I was putting the furniture back approximately in the right places, my old cat jumped onto the ottoman cushion. The lights were still set and he was determined to take a nap right there. So a further shot with the same light set up. Cats do not show the same amount of dust as they are supposed to be fluffy.

Peeking at me

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