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by Audrey Jones January. 23, 2017 313 views

One of my aims this year is to learn and practice some portraiture. To that end, I pulled all sorts of stuff out of the cupboard, and assembled a lighting rig for classic simple lighting. 

I had a make-up dummy head from years ago in the top wardrobe. Frances. So with a little make up inexpertly applied and a pink hat, she sat for me. Stiller than a cat.

My living area is large and lit by lots of mostly diffuse natural light. Good for some things, but hopeless if you want a black background. No matter how hard to try to contain the flash, the white wall is lit by ambient light. Note to self: repeat exercise at night.

Frances mark 1

I know that my Fujifilm does not have high speed sync, but as I was set up it was time to see what happens when you expose at 1/500 with flash. Great fun!


So, back to the background. The alternative is to light it  white.  Which was another speed light on the floor behind Frances pointing at the wall. Many attempts to get this right. But one way and another either it was not bright enough or too much light somehow spilled back onto Frances under her chin etc. A black board gobo behind the flash cut this down, but it was not big enough to do the job completely. 

My final attempt before I gave up to wait for another time, about an hour or so after sundown, is below:

Frances 2

Just hoping that all this playing about will result in learning some skills!

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Loren Knoppi 3 years, 6 months ago

Very interesting! I see a lot of things I could try with my photos, but I mainly am outside chasing insects lol So that's a bit hard and I do not want to disturb them and put them in a cage to get photos (I'm not scared of them, just such an animal lover that I don't want to hinder them going about their business) but, if I can get some plants in the house (bad cats!) then this will be a good reference!

3 years, 6 months ago Edited
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