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by George Bremer January. 02, 2017 504 views

Hey now!

I've been looking for a good platform to express my thoughts on photography and the photo taking process for years since I got tired of running my own WordPress site. I've been almost all film based for a while now, with the occasional iPhone shot thrown in when I see something interesting and don't have a camera with me for some reason.

Lately I've been going through "pinhole madness". I'll write more about that soon, but here's a sample...

What Child is This?

Ondu 6x6 Mk2 pinhole camera and expired Kodak E100G film.

I've been really into the "lo-fi" look for a while now. I found myself editing my digital shots in various ways, spending way too much time in photoshop and lightroom. At some point a few years ago I decided to go back to shooting film since I would be able to use fun things like these pinhole cameras (I have three I use regularly), "toy" cameras, and some antique cameras as well.

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Jill Bahm 4 years, 1 month ago

Very cool! I have recently inherited several antique cameras - I guess I should try to figure out how to test them out! =)

4 years, 1 month ago Edited
George Bremer Replied to Jill Bahm 4 years, 1 month ago


If your cameras happen to use 35mm, 120, 620 or large format film you'll be able to get fresh film easily. There are still a lot of really great services who will develop your film. Part of the fun of shooting film is not knowing what you'll get until you have it developed :)

4 years, 1 month ago Edited