Day 6 - Beauty in Krakow

by Gearrod May. 05, 2012 1580 views

Arrived in Krakow by train at around 7am this morning. Shops and signage were instantly an improvement in accomodating non-Polish visitors. Walked easily into town to find the Hostel where I was staying. Couldn't check in until after 1pm, so left my bag with them and went for breakfast with a view of the Market Square.

The city centre gradually became busier and busier as the morning progressed. Flower stalls, begal stalls, etc. began being wheeled in and assembled. In some ways the town has forgotten its painful past and is able to create a festive feel amongst the sombre statues and reminders of its oppressive history.

Spent most of the morning just walking around and sitting in the Hostel Lounge where they have free WiFi.

In the afternoon I braved Trams and went out to where Oskar Shindlers Enamelware Factory is. Seemed to take too long to get there, so I jumped off the tram and asked a girl using my map if I was close to the station I needed to be at. She pointed out that I was actually off the map in the opposite direction. So I had to catch another Tram all the way back into the city and out the other side.

Schindlers Factory Tour was sobering. This guy is admired for his stealing, encouraging others to steal, and lying to authorities in order to achieve his objective. His objective was to save as many Jews as possible. He saved 1200 lives through clever design and manipulation of process within his factory to suit the dangerous circumstance in occupied Krakow.

Slow day really. Saw some lighting in the night sky tonight, hopefully it does not mean rain over the next 2 days.

Signs and Directions
Rynek Glowny was where I was going


Ok, so I'm sleeping on the 4th Floor and there is no lift to help. Was a long way to carry my bags and even myself after a day of walking aroud.

Main Market Square
Found a way to get around the 5 photo per day limit. Won't do it every day though, too much effort. Some images of beauty around the Market Square.

Pots and Pans - Schindlers Factory Tour

“One who condones evil is just as guilty as the one who perpetrates it.” - Martin Luther King

One of the many stories I heard today was about how Schindler produced extra pots and pans but called them scrap and placed them in piles outside is factory. The employees took them (as was his intention) and resold them or traded them for food. Sometimes the money Jews got from selling the stolen pots each month was more than their monthly income. Schindler produced these extra pots by making use of the additional steel provided by the German army, intended for making ammunition.

Concerned that they were using pots and pans made from stolen metal, some of the Jews questioned Schindler about involving them in his stealing. He replied that the pots and pans the Jews were taking from the scrap pile were made from metal the Factory owned … and the pots and pans that the Factory used for its business came from the stolen metal. In this way he put the full burden of guilt on himself.

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