That thing they call coincidence, Please help me understand.

by Ginikachi April. 17, 2017 487 views

Today, as took a bath, I was thinking about the knowledge I had tried tried to acquire recently and the insight they promised, the seeming connections, my quest for answers, my atheist shake and intended poise to analyzing information. I had just finished watching Harry potter, the philosopher's stone and again new connections.

Well at some point in my thinking J had come to mind, separately yet linked to coincidence, it was mostly A. I was thinking perhaps predicting the future might present a strong argument for theism. The following thought was that science would probably find it's way around that and that experiments although true can be likened to religious premises in the sense of their mono (didn't find the suffix, basically looking in one strict direction) and the human bias in interpretation of results. Then I went back to me and A's discussion about future predictions and their nature. He argued that predictions of the future are probabilities and their likeliness decrease as time increases. But the number of possibilities are too broad, and the phenomenon where a human guesses within the range of an eventuality is slightly miraculous (especially when such a future far impersonal or distantly related to the subject).

The concept of coincidence came in to support my notion and J's with it. I remember he had played with the idea a while back, I hadn't addressed the topic then and made no contribution. It had been a while we spoke, although earlier I had thought about the nature of he and rose's strategic influences on my life and others' too. Now, couple of recent missed calls between us, somethings he had said to me, and concerning the future came to me along with the concept of Y, her relationship with him and pictures of possibilities.  A and I, and our new deal, B(if only he would call me! And fuck him, no don't fuck him)I thought about my mum and the reality of her self acclaimed role in my protection (spiritual) and how it was too hard to doubt.

This would be normal, all of it...

Then after my shower, I adjusted my phone to ringer and replied some texts before I continued watching the Harry Potter series again. Boom! Phone rings, J. I pick the phone up, pretty balanced and it's a female voice. First idea is he isn't there and she was calling me, but hey! I'm clean so.


"hi so are you f***ing  J?"

''no I'm not"

Backs and forths and bad network

'is that what you are going to say? You're not?"

''yes, would you want me to say I am when I'm not?''

"but I saw the........."

Weired tf out

The call drops and I'm not even trying to fuck with myself so I put my earphones back on and try continuing my movie when the number calls back. This time it's J himself and he swears it's all good, she wasn't upset or anything, sorry for weirding me out, just calling to check. We argued this for a while.

'if you're saying the truth lemme speak to her again

At this point I'm thinking it could be those voice change apps. As soon as her voice comes on, I ask if it's an app.. nope.

"is this an app?"

"....I am not an app "

"i'm sorry this is just really weird for me''

"okay just wanted to check on you, didn't mean to disturb you, wanted to say hi to you that's f***ing with J and that J likes, I'm going to prepare food for the fam, they're almost back.. take care"

*Call ends*

*Phone rings shortly*

"why did you hang up?"

"The conversation was... I didn't hang up actually "

And the conversation went on for a while.

As I wrote this, Baeyuu called.

The law of attraction?! maybe this isn't even weird at all

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