Wick Confetti Flower Fields

by Gethin Thomas July. 05, 2020 236 views

On a farm in Wick near Pershore England, I heard many years ago about some fields of flowers, being grown for their dried petals for use in confetti. Before they became well known and a major tourist attraction one had to wander the countryside looking for them because they moved location every year. The best week to go varies every year according to weather.

The petals are picked by hand by a special method and then dried and sorted. They are picked according to colour. It is just the petals that are harvested not the whole flower.

Hear is a collection of my photos taken at Wick in three different years.

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Don Baird 5 months ago

These look a lot like the lupin we've seen in Maine.

5 months ago Edited
Gethin Thomas Replied to Don Baird 5 months ago

They look a bit like lupins but they are larkspur or delphinium. Taller than lupins, and they flower later than lupins.

5 months ago Edited
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