A Rare Opportunity, Twenty Seconds in Time

by Gethin Thomas August. 22, 2020 267 views

Some years back, I regularly went to a small town not far from where I lived to take photos. There was a group of old Victorian streets where you could park free for two hours if you could find a space. It was difficult to find a space though because all the streets were lined nose to tail with cars on both sides.

One day I arrived to find the main street I normally parked in closed for re-surfacing. This was annoying because it meant everywhere else was really full because all the residents had been forced to remove their cars, so I was lucky to park at all.

After an hour or so I returned to my car and walked down the closed street just as the last tarmac vehicles and line painting vehicles drove out and the closed signs were removed. Imagine my surprise to see this street completely empty of cars, but literally only for a few seconds, maybe twenty seconds before vehicles poured back in.

I had no real time to think or compose or view the scene and just really quickly shot off about three shots before it was gone. It probably has not been like that since, ever.

But the consequence was that this became my best selling photo, which I have sold multiple times. It is mainly used by advertisers and property companies. It really was a case of being in the right place at the right time.

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