Hidden View

by Gethin Thomas September. 10, 2020 270 views

This little spot in our tiny village remained hidden, sort of, until this week. How could it hide, you ask?

Well, of course I knew it was there because you can see it from the other side, and we only moved here in January not long before lockdown. I had walked up our main road and had noticed there was a small lane down to the creek but had always assumed it was private property so had never ventured down there.

This week I discovered it was actually public although hardly anyone uses it. There is a slipway, several boats and a small wall where the tide comes up. Also a green area and a bench with a new view of the creek. The bench is a recent addition. It's particularly nice if you want peace and contemplation as it is the only bench not next to the road. I think it would be perfect for a picnic too.

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