Beautiful Blue Electric

by Gethin Thomas January. 15, 2021 310 views

Yet another project I entered ten years ago, this one was just called Utilities so this set were about electricity. I researched where there was a substantial infrastructure nearby where I could get reasonable access.

I had passed this place on the main road many times but it was cut off from view by a very high earth embankment, only the main entrance gate and signs indicated it was there, apart from all the tall pylons converging on the site.

I looked at it on an online map that includes public footpaths and found to my surprise that a footpath went right over the embankment and along the inner fence. In addition by scaling the embankment I got a clear raised view of the installation over the perimeter fence.

I was a bit nervous as I took my time getting different angles and moving location so I was quite obvious to anyone inside. I felt very conspicuous anyway. It's the first time I have been on the alert for someone official to approach to find out what I was doing, being the sort of major site it was. But nobody seemed at all bothered by my activity I am pleased to say.

The overall feel was of blueness due to the time of year and the weather, it was January, cold and with some snow on the ground in places. Although some of the installation is multi coloured the predominant colours were in the blue spectrum, hence my title.

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Camellia Staab 3 months ago

Exceptionally cool captures. The angles, the perspectives, just not your ordinary run of the mill clicks. Very nice Gethin smile

3 months ago Edited
Gethin Thomas Replied to Camellia Staab 3 months ago

Thanks Camellia.

3 months ago Edited
Craig Casterline 3 months ago

A very nice opportunity to work on angles and symmetry.

3 months ago Edited
Gethin Thomas Replied to Craig Casterline 3 months ago

Being in lockdown is encouraging me to look back at the archive and see what I missed or could edit better now.

3 months ago Edited
Craig Casterline Replied to Gethin Thomas 3 months ago

Photography is a great distraction during lockdown. (Actually, it is a very effective distraction throughout my daily life.)

3 months ago Edited