Shoreline Remains

by Gethin Thomas March. 08, 2021 270 views

[219-365] 8th. March 2021- Walking out of Kingsbridge following the shoreline you arrive at a spot where there are a lot of timber remains of boats and possible other structures. I can't find out the history of them as yet so will have to look into that again. There seem to be at least three main structures left and other scattered remains.

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Russell Smith 2 months ago

Rather a cool discovery. Is this usually covered at high tide?

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Gethin Thomas Replied to Russell Smith 2 months ago

Yes. I've since discovered there was a coal yard here and these were coal barges.

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Russell Smith Replied to Gethin Thomas 2 months ago

That is a cool relic of days gone by. Large tidal swings like that are mind blowing to me because it is a lot more than we have in most of the southern states. I know there are a few locations in the N part of the US that have larger tidal swings though.

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Gethin Thomas Replied to Russell Smith 2 months ago

The English Channel which feeds this estuary is 3-4 metres range or 9-12 feet. But in a shallow sloping estuary just 1 metre has a huge effect. In our creek it's the difference between it looking empty and full. We only get the upper end of the tide though so boating time is limited. It makes life interesting. Especially as we have tidal roads so you need to know the tide times if you take certain routes.

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