Return to Humor

by Ginny Limer August. 12, 2014 2514 views

Grief and humor. It seems like humanity can not befriend one without eventually meeting the other.
Return to Zero depicts these and many other facets of grief with riveting performances by Minnie Driver and Paul Adelstein, a couple who experiences grief when their son is stillborn. Feeling overwhelmed and sarcastic with grief during the Halloween scene, “Aaron Royal”,gut wrenched with heart ache, reacts with sarcasm towards the world, and a few trick-or-treaters. He answers the door and realizes he is unprepared to fill the eager hands before him…he grabs rocks from the bottom of the fish tank, hurls them into treat baskets, and exclaims, “Because they can't all be treats, kids!”
Humor. It can be found in the darkest of places. Even in grief. In it's own time, humor sneaks in like a beacon of light. Even a flicker of hope from laughter seems like the light of Heaven to a mama or daddy grieving the death of a child, the death of a future, the death of who they once were. The “them” before they struggled to find the strength to laugh through a life lived without the child they love. Grief takes you to many places within your soul: the pits of “whys”, “what-ifs”, “why-mes”, and “what-nows”. The Return to Zero cast portrays that journey of Hell on Earth, grief, and finds an ingenious way to relate to and help grieving parents return to love, return to hope, return to humor.

A review: Return to Zero, Return to Humor…through pain there is a place of humor.
Photo: My children colored these Halloween cut outs in Oct. 2012, just 30 days after their baby brother, Cullin, passed from SIDS at 6 months old. I remember trying to find the fun, the humor, the treat in life at that time, and it was an effort. But the pain and humor in life make it that much sweeter. “Because of you, I know a grief that brings me to my knees. Because of you, I also know a love that brings me to my knees.” -Dr. RoJo
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