London Zoo

by Helen Hooker April. 15, 2008 4359 views

For Christmas 2007 I adopted a giraffe for Kevin at London Zoo so today we went there to see Kevin's giraffe! We had a good day there, although our feet are telling us we did a lot of walking now. These are the best of my shots, including two of the giraffes. It was the first time either of us had seen a giraffe sit down - I suspect they don't do it too often thanks to the effort required to get up again. The gorillas were wonderful to watch too. The biggest one sat inside looking at us all inscrutably while the smaller one outside sat there watching Gordon Ramsay (who was filming next to the enclosure) with great interest.

This tastes good!

Ok, so I sat down, now how do I get up again?!

Is that lunch on its way? These two sat up and took notice as they heard one of the zookeepers trundle past with his wheelbarrow.

Keeping watch.

A squirrel monkey on the hunt for some tasty morsels

Do you think I need a haircut?

Deep in thought….

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