Guard duty

by Helen Hooker October. 14, 2008 4231 views

I completely failed to take a single worthwhile photo yesterday so I was determined to find something worthwhile to shoot today. I decided to pop into Emsworth while I was out running some errands and had a mooch round with my camera while I was there. When I've visited Emsworth previously I've noticed a black dog sitting on guard in one of the boatyards and she was there again today, watching the world go by. She�??s a very distinguished looking dog, with a greying muzzle and was just asking to have her picture taken. A notice on the railings says that her name is Scrabblehound and thanks passers by for not giving her too many treats - evidently she was once a rather portly pooch but has slimmed down in recent months. She did eventually allow me to give her a tickle behind the ears but she was a little wary of me. This shot originally had quite a large, distracting chunk of blue behind Scrabblehound's head (a piece of boatyard machinery she was sitting in front of) so I converted the photo to black and white to remove the distraction. I like the faraway look in her eyes, as though she has the weight of the world on her shoulders.

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