HMS Ark Royal

by Helen Hooker January. 22, 2010 4323 views

Kevin and I enjoyed the privilege of a guided tour around the Royal Navy??s flagship, HMS Ark Royal in Portsmouth today. The visit came about thanks to the fact that Kevin used to teach the trumpet to the Captain??s son and it was a fascinating to see the inner workings of an aircraft carrier. We were taken all over the ship, seeing the main control rooms and meeting many of the people who keep it running smoothly. I was quite expecting to be told that photography wasn??t allowed but in the end we were allowed to take pictures everywhere except the Operations Room. I only took my little compact camera so some of the shots are quite noisy (light levels were pretty low everywhere) but I wanted to post a few here in any case to mark such an interesting day.

For more information about Ark Royal click here [].

This passed down between each generation of the Ark Royal. The current ship is the fifth one with the name.

Just one of the many control panels in the main engineering room - so many buttons!

Kevin looks out over Portsmouth Harbour from the Bridge

This is the ramp that the Harrier jets use to take off

Looking over towards Portsmouth's historic dockyard from the Admiral's Bridge. I'm afraid I didn't have the patience to clone out all the raindrops from the window!

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Riyaz 11 years, 3 months ago

Ahoyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy! what a good set you have here!

11 years, 3 months ago Edited
Txerra Cirbian 11 years, 3 months ago

Wow! Great series!!

11 years, 3 months ago Edited
Dorothe 11 years, 3 months ago

Wow, great privilege! Very interesting!

11 years, 3 months ago Edited
Stefan Fletcher 11 years, 3 months ago

Very impressive. How privileged you were.

11 years, 3 months ago Edited
Moira 11 years, 3 months ago

Despite the rain I really like that last shot , the drops make it more like a step back in the past.

11 years, 3 months ago Edited
Boszorka65 11 years, 3 months ago

Very interesting set Helen.

11 years, 3 months ago Edited
Marsha 11 years, 3 months ago

Lucky you! Really like #4!

11 years, 3 months ago Edited
Huiching 11 years, 3 months ago

Very interesting! ^_^

11 years, 3 months ago Edited