Rows of....... (theme)

by Helen Hooker March. 24, 2010 4884 views

My Mum and I went out for a spot of retail therapy this morning so I took my little compact camera with me, sure that I??d find some rows of things for today??s theme while we were shopping. I took a couple of photos in Marks and Spencer but was then politely told by one of the assistants that photography wasn??t permitted in there. Quite what they thought I might be planning to do with my photos I have no idea ?? perhaps M&S is thought to be the next target for terrorist photographers?! In the end I found plenty of other much better rows I could shoot so M&S needn??t worry about me threatening their profits with my photos.

Shopping trolleys


Glass bricks

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Art Bee 10 years ago

Great selection for the theme! Very nicely done!

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Marsha 10 years ago

You caught all three of these at perfect angles....nice work!!

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Soubhagya Sagar Behera 10 years ago

Oh they though u were a rival store and by taking pics of there stuff u will price ur stuff more competitively and then advertise aggressively against them...
Ah they caught u! ;-)
Love the 3rd one! :)

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Brenda Nelson 10 years ago

The rows of carts are clever - the rows of dots are cute - and the rows of windows are completely cool!

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Darlene Foster 10 years ago

Nice rows of things!

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Pete 10 years ago

wow great set again esp the last one. the blues are amazing, I love how the tone changes

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Lynda 10 years ago

Great set for the theme.

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Tom 10 years ago

[b]Love the shopping carts[/b]

I have had that happen to me too in Helen in a differnt store, but they actually had an excuse of they said I could be working for another company and getting ideas

I told them if I wanted to get shots I could haha And then they told me they would call security so I left haha[b]Bold Text[/b]

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Larry Nelson 10 years ago

Great rows, Helen!

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Sandra Vermeulen 10 years ago

You have such a wonderful way off looking at things!!

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Riyaz 10 years ago

wow wow superb Post! Love the glass bricks!

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Heather 10 years ago

very nice rows of things :) I like the tile the best I think.

10 years ago Edited
Kelly Lamaster 10 years ago

I do so love repeating shapes!! :) Great set. The tiles are just beautiful!

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Paolo Martini 10 years ago


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