Back to reality

by Helen Hooker August. 30, 2010 3944 views

After being in a little photographic ??bubble?? for the last few days I came back to reality with a bump today. I spent the morning helping Kevin trim the lavender bushes in our garden then stripped the flowers off the clippings to make things with them once they??ve dried. After lunch I then made a start on preparations for the new school term with a letter to all my pupils. By 5pm I??d done lots of ??stuff?? but hadn??t taken a single photograph ?? quite a change from yesterday! I decided to grab a quick shot before we went out for the evening so I chose this peg as my subject. I used the soft light on my music room windowsill for illumination (once I??d clambered over the boxes of music left over from summer school!) and then added lots of punch in Lightroom.

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Kecskemétiné Nelli 11 years ago

So harmonious composition, simply feels good to look at it. =)

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Birthe Vikoren 11 years ago

Very creative indeed!
And yes, the reality of everyday always comes suddenly upon us..;)

11 years ago Edited
Sandra Vermeulen 11 years ago

And again you turned something simple to something artistic!!

11 years ago Edited
Moira 11 years ago

happy days, great shot.

11 years ago Edited
Farideh_Homam 11 years ago

Light and color is great.

11 years ago Edited
Olga Helys 11 years ago

Great minimalist shot

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Marsha 11 years ago

Oh, well....all good things must come to an end unfortunately! Nice shot - love the color and simplicity!

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Lucinda 11 years ago

Great post! It's kind of a bummer to drop back to reality, isn't it? I hope your school goes very well for you. Thank you for the tips you shared from your photography course! If you have any more, please share!

11 years ago Edited
Liz M 11 years ago

looks great..I took photos of knitting pins once..reminds me of that..functional objects look great in photos
.Enjoy the new term..I have already started...takes a wee bit of getting used to I have to admit ,after the holidays.

11 years ago Edited
Milton Jacob 11 years ago

a few seconds ago I was searching for such a peg to keep some print outs together!! :) cool

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Josy 11 years ago

I like this and your title is hard landing is one!

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Lynda 11 years ago

Very nicely done.

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Jarvo J 11 years ago

Nice contrast, red on white.

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