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I??ve been having some problems with my neck this week so this morning I walked down to the village for some treatment on it by the local physiotherapist. She was running about 20 minutes late and as I sat in the empty waiting room I noticed the rather nice shadows and lines created by the venetian blinds. I had my camera with me on the off-chance I would find a photo for today on my walk home so I took the opportunity to fire off a few frames. Thank goodness I was the only person there ?? I would have received some really odd looks otherwise! I played around with various shapes but I felt this long, tall crop worked best to echo the line of the vertical cord. I??m pleased to say that as well as being a successful photo opportunity the physiotherapy worked well too ?? I can now move my head in all directions!

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Lucinda 7 years ago

How creative! This turned out very well. I liked the focus on the cord. The shadows are neat, too. And no dust the blinds!

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Nikkini 7 years ago

I too am shy about photographing in public! LOL

I have a couple shots where I played with blinds in my home:


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Abe Jackson 7 years ago

You have rhythm...of course..

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Marsha 7 years ago

Wow, wow!!! LOVE the contrast in light and shadow...AND the composition and clarity!!!

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Alison 7 years ago

So simple but so effective - it's amazing what can be made into a lovely picture.

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Sandra Vermeulen 7 years ago

Simple and yet so amazing!

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David Cardona 7 years ago

Nice concept! Well done work!

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Birthe Vikoren 7 years ago

I think this turned our very nice!
Hope your neck is better :)

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Andrea 7 years ago

Awesome shot!

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Huiching 7 years ago

Great therapy it seems. Get well soon, my friend.

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Contesina 7 years ago

exceptional idea and photo!

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Eiram Marie 7 years ago

amazing photo...the straight lines have a calming effect on me...
love it!

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Lynda 7 years ago

It is an interesting effect when you scroll up and down. Stylish shot

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Die Romantic 7 years ago

I have also had a therapy photos! is magnificent!

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David Swatton 7 years ago

Nice light and the up-and-down composition works well

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Mark 7 years ago

Nice one. Cool effect when scrolling.

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Kate 7 years ago

Very beautiful shot...glad the physio worked too...nothing about a pain in the neck is good news

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Josy 7 years ago

A beautiful light deceiving the shadow
Stripes, thread and hup we can create clear or dark, bright or black worlds

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Moira 7 years ago

Oh goodness, hope not in a a complete 360° direction :)
Nice shot, was this actually B&W?

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Brenda Nelson 7 years ago

Incredible lighting and exposure on the blinds - wonderful detail in the cord. Good eye to see this great shot! I'm happy that you're better after your treatment!

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