My last post? Surviving against the odds

by Helen Hooker December. 21, 2012 4827 views

Faced with predications of the end of the world today it seemed appropriate to search for a photo in Bosham, the place where King Canute is supposed to have unsuccessfully battled against the elements in his efforts to hold back the incoming tide. Unlike my visit last week, the tide was well and truly out so my photographic options were rather limited. However, I found this strand of ivy surviving against the odds, stretching across the weathered paintwork on an outside wall. As for the coming apocalypse, I??m looking forward to seeing everyone??s Photoblog posts tomorrow!

Thanks to Paolo [] for suggesting today??s apocalypse theme on Photoblog ?? if the worst happens at least we??ve had fun illustrating it! You can other folks?? contributions here [].

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Hardy Kwan 7 years ago


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Tom 7 years ago


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Brandon Mcginnity 7 years ago

Ah, this is pretty, love the fade away effect (bokeh?). That ivy makes a great subject, love the way the leaves are shaped and veined.

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Larry Sample 7 years ago

I agree with Jarvo. The ivy will remain. It deserves to. Us, not so sure. Great post!

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Jarvo J 7 years ago

Very good. No doubt, when civilisation does fiacome to an end one day, the ivy will still be there.

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Brenda Nelson 7 years ago

Simple and simply perfect! And it looks as if we're going to make it!

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Sara G 7 years ago

Well done..I was never worried about not seeing man knows..

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Mark 7 years ago

Well it's almost 11 and a half hours since the end was suppose to happen, and we're still here! Lovely post!

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Paolo Martini 7 years ago

Great Helen , beautiful post and picture
Thank you very much ..... !

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Jacki 7 years ago

And amazingly against all odds 8^) here we all still are!!

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Gillian Parsons 7 years ago

Great shot and yes see you tomorrow:-)

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Josy 7 years ago

Yes, see you tomorrow, Helen !

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Gonia 7 years ago

this is beautifull, don't worry it will be tomorrow!

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Eiram Marie 7 years ago

See you tomorrow, Helen!!

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Olga Helys 7 years ago

For another post, soon:)

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