Off to the Tower

by Helen Hooker December. 28, 2013 9428 views

Before the Christmas break started Kevin and I made a list of places we'd like to visit during our time off and one of those was the Tower of London. As luck would have it we chose a beautiful day for our visit today, some thirty odd years after we last visited, and the Tower was bathed in glorious sunshine when we arrived. We started off in King Edward II's private quarters then worked our way around the walls before heading in to see the Crown Jewels and the White Tower. In most of the buildings the light levels were very low so photography was a bit of a challenge (not to mention the enormous, jostling crowds of tourists) but I managed to capture a few architectural shots I was pleased with. However, the highlight for me was getting up close to the ravens. Legend tells that if the ravens were to leave both the Tower and the monarchy would collapse so at least six have been kept there since the time of Charles II. Merlin, one of the current female ravens, is a particular show off and she quite shamelessly posed for my camera on the Tower Green, showing off her glossy black plumage to good advantage.

The White Tower, looking resplendent in the morning sunshine

There is an astonishing array of armour on display in the White Tower. One can only imagine how hard it must have been to even walk in this heavy armour, let alone ride a horse or fight!

Introducing Merlin - the cheekiest raven I think I'm ever likely to have the pleasure of meeting!

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Ann Garratty 5 years, 11 months ago

Fantastic shots of the ravens... we couldn't get that close when we visited...

5 years, 11 months ago Edited
Glo B 5 years, 11 months ago

the raven just makes a fantastic series of photos even more fascinating!

5 years, 11 months ago Edited
Kenny H 5 years, 11 months ago

Awesome set and report!

5 years, 11 months ago Edited
Antonio Gil 5 years, 11 months ago

Raven's pictures are amazing, especially #6.

5 years, 11 months ago Edited
Gillian Parsons 5 years, 11 months ago

Great day to be in those surrounding, yes one of our favourite places those skies are super.

5 years, 11 months ago Edited
Marilyn Grimble 5 years, 11 months ago

Love your ravens....
Looks to be a fabulous day.....

5 years, 11 months ago Edited
Josy 5 years, 11 months ago

Golden Tower in morning sunshine... I love Merlin and its bluish feathers

5 years, 11 months ago Edited
Sara G 5 years, 11 months ago

Wonderful shots! I hope to visit there the raven shots. Merlin must be used to tourists :-)

5 years, 11 months ago Edited