Rubies from the sea

by Helen Hooker November. 06, 2016 1675 views

I habitually look for interesting pebbles and shells when I walk beside the sea and our visit to Branscombe beach on Thursday was no different.  I noticed a large number of pink toned pebbles; not a huge surprise given that the nearby cliffs are a deep red colour.  I had this week's red theme in the back of my mind so I picked up a selection of similarly toned stones, choosing ones which had interesting markings.  I figured that they'd probably take on a darker, red hue when wet so I immersed them in a bowl of water this afternoon and set about finding a good composition before they dried out and returned to their paler tones.  

6 November 2016

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Kay Hooker 3 years ago

As a child you always collected stones and anything that took your fancy. No different now then! Wonderful selection and beautifully displayed. Well done Helen.

3 years ago Edited