Ever the opportunist....

by Helen Hooker May. 15, 2017 1385 views

I've been coming to Dillington House, in Somerset, for a decade now and in that time I don't think I've ever had a whole day of rain.... until today, that is!  It was raining heavily when I got up so I didn't bother with my usual pre-breakfast stroll and even this afternoon it was still drizzling.  Instead I grabbed photographic opportunities where I could, starting off with the lush, green view from my bedroom. 

My second photo is the view from the room I'm working in during my visit here, looking across the orchard and allotments towards the A303 road and the Somerset landscape.  I haven't been aware of any of my students getting distracted by the view during our playing sessions but I wouldn't blame them if they did! 

This evening, just before dinner I took the briefest of strolls up to see the sheep, who are looking rather skinny after being shorn.  They seemed to be sheep on a mission when I turned up and the whole flock was walking with some purpose across the hillside.  Fortunately a few of them stopped very briefly to take a look at the strange individual who insisted on taking their photo!  Finally I grabbed a quick snap of the wisteria which adorns the front of Dillington House.  It's looking glorious at the moment, although who knows whether the petals will still be there tomorrow morning after a breezy night!

15 May 2017

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