Jam tomorrow?

by Helen Hooker August. 05, 2017 1369 views

Earlier this week I discovered a family of Goldcrests gathered in a pine tree in the college grounds and I've been popping back at regularly intervals with my camera in the hope of photographing them. Today was the last day of the course so I grabbed one final chance and headed over to the tree before breakfast. Sure enough, the birds were there, chattering excitedly to each other and hopping among the branches. Of course, they stayed tantalisingly out of reach of my camera - they are truly tiny (just 3-4 centimetres long) and they were just too far away to make a meaningful photo. However, nearby I spotted some brambles, covered in blackberries, which were a more manageable photographic subject, as well as having the potential for some yummy jam later in the autumn!

5 August 2017

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