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by Helen Hooker November. 16, 2017 1084 views

Following the car photography workshop I attended on Tuesday I thought I'd put some of what I'd learnt into practice today. Of course there was one small, but crucial problem - I don't have a studio to shoot in! That wasn't going to stop me though so I dug out my little table top studio and lined it with some glossy photo paper to shoot one of Kevin's childhood toy cars. It's not quite as curvaceous as the Maserati we photographed on Tuesday but sometimes you just have to use the model that's handy.

Rather than continuous light I experimented with two flash guns, covering them with grids to focus the light in a particular direction. I couldn't quite replicate what we did on Tuesday but it was fascinating to see how the angle of the light affected the end result. In my second picture I aimed the light over the front of the car but wanted to remove the shadow cast behind it. To do this I added a second flash on the background and it worked a treat.

Finally I tried to darken the side of the car by blocking out some of the light. Instead of using black fabric I grabbed a black covered notebook which had the desired effect, albeit on a smaller scale!

16 November 2017

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Kay Hooker 2 years, 2 months ago

What on earth did Kevin do with his toy cars as a child?   Perhaps this is why he is fussy about looking after his vehicles now.

2 years, 2 months ago Edited
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