If you go down to the woods today….

by Helen Hooker May. 03, 2018 590 views

.....you’ll find a photographer doing a recce! My workshop preparations continued today, with a trip to the forest to work out our shooting locations for the day.

Since the courses were planned in January things have changed a lot at Hatfield Forest. The ground is beginning to dry out, the trees now have leaves and the floor of the coppices is carpeted in places with a thick covering of greenery. This means everything looks very different to the initial recce I did with a friend last November. Gone are the golden leaves, shed onto the forest floor in autumn, replaced by lush new growth.

I explored Collins Coppice, thinking about the tasks I will give my students while they’re with me. I looked for close ups as well as wider views, thinking about how I use the light to frame compositions. One of the things I find particularly useful in the darker corners of the forest is exposure compensation, ensuring that the darkness I see with my eyes is reflected in the pictures I take so I looked too for examples I can share with my students.

A bird of prey came flying over as I shot this - perfect timing!

A bird of prey came flying over as I shot this - perfect timing!

Out on the wider rides, I found the newly returned Red Poll cattle grazing quietly, although one of them seemed a little camera shy! The ducks were less timid and happily sat a few feet from me as I drank my coffee from the café, probably hoping for some food.

Finally I visited Gravel Pit Coppice, which was much more open than Collins. This gave interesting opportunities for shadow play and interesting bark textures as the sun broke through the canopy. All I need now is for the buttercups to come out into full bloom on the plains and I’ll be set for a good day in a couple of weeks’ time!

3 May 2018

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Scribe 1 year, 10 months ago

I didn't mean to, but I got lost
in these alluring parts of the wood;
Lo, the beautiful Grecian heifer
shyer than ducks lulled by lutes;
waxing lyrical to one's innermost
Spirit in bloom and yet, in mute.

I'm glad I got lost. 

Thank you.

1 year, 10 months ago Edited
Jay Boggess 1 year, 10 months ago

Lovely series & info!

1 year, 10 months ago Edited
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