Time to stop and stare

by Helen Hooker June. 04, 2018 572 views

After an exceptionally busy few weeks I finally enjoyed a very welcome day off today. I spent some time simply sitting in the garden this morning, watching the birds coming and going. The light was very flat so it was far from ideal for photographing such quick subjects. I was still able to catch some pictures though.

The starlings squabbled madly over the fatballs, while a blackbird gobbled up some mealworms I’d put out.

Elsewhere, a lone greenfinch and chaffinch tucked into the sunflower hearts, pausing briefly on the branches of our birdfeeder tree to allow me to catch a photo.

4 June 2018

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Scribe 3 years ago

The wisdom and beauty
of these exquisite birds
aglow, still and carefree
they preach without wordsrevolving hearts

3 years ago Edited
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