Garden safari

by Helen Hooker August. 12, 2018 975 views

I went on a mini safari in our garden this afternoon, seeking out whatever wildlife I could find. Beside our patio I spotted a garden spider tucking into its lunch. It was too late to tell what its prey was originally, but it was evidently tasty!

Over on the honeysuckle, the bumblebees were foraging for nectar and I found one individual smothered in pollen, carrying out its additional task of pollinating the flowers.

Eventually I decided to focus my attentions on the birds visiting our feeding station. We had to relocate it this week as, after digging over the earth at its original location we couldn’t persuade it back into the rock hard clay. We didn’t want the birds to lose out so we managed to get it into the earth in our wild flower area. Fortunately the birds seem to like this and it’s been a hive of activity. The buddleia bush nearby gives plenty of places to perch close by and the feeders are populated by a constant flow of visitors.

Sitting on the garden bench I was joined by Lucy, who sat beside me quietly dozing. I know she’s not technically wildlife but how could I resist taking her photo?!

Perching among the buddleia flowers

Perching among the buddleia flowers

After a while, the birds got over their shyness and returned to the feeders, allowing me to catch some photos. The change of position makes achieving clean backgrounds more challenging but with a little practice and some blue skies this should be possible to fix. In the meantime, I spent a happy hour watching their antics, as the birds constantly hopped between the buddleia and the feeders.

My fluffed-up greenfinch in a safer spot, on the sunflower feeder

My fluffed-up greenfinch in a safer spot, on the sunflower feeder

12 August 2018

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Kay Hooker 2 years, 10 months ago

Great wildlife, so pleased to see your blue tits have regained their feathers. The first spider is amazing.

2 years, 10 months ago Edited