The tales this camera could tell...

by Helen Hooker November. 22, 2018 746 views

I needed a few product shots today for an article I’m writing about mirrorless cameras. I dusted off my trusty Panasonic GX8 and set up my little table top studio. It’s only when you take close ups like these that you realise how unforgiving a macro lens can be. I cleaned up the viewfinder before shooting, but there is still plenty of dust and grime in the dials and even the odd fragment of mud left over from my Motocross shoot earlier in the year. Then you notice the chips out of the silver paint and you realise this is a camera that could tell a tale or two from its lived in look. I think it’s fair to say, my cameras are tools, which don’t get mollycoddled, but as long as they work, I can live with the odd cosmetic flaw!

22 November 2018

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