Blood moon in waiting

by Helen Hooker January. 20, 2019 753 views

Astrophotography is rarely simple, but add in the vagaries of the British weather and the possible complications increase. We’re due to see a super blood moon here in the early hours of tomorrow morning, as a Wolf Moon occurs at the same time as a total eclipse of the moon. The moon was already large in the sky this afternoon and had a distinctive glow about it. The weather forecast here for the tomorrow morning is looking patchy, so I thought I’d grab a photo at this stage in case the sky is cloudy. I plan to set my alarm early, just in case the weather plays ball though, so if I’m lucky I may have something even better to share tomorrow!

20 January 2019

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Andi Saw 2 years ago

I'm watching the red moon now (5.50am)

2 years ago Edited