Ever hopeful....

by Helen Hooker April. 04, 2019 443 views

The ducks at Hatfield Forest are shameless when it comes to begging for food. As we sat in the sunshine with a coffee this afternoon a pair of mallards waddled over and peered at us intently, ever hopeful of cajoling us into giving up some tasty crumbs. Sadly, we didn’t have any food, so their pleading looks weren’t rewarded. Perhaps they had better luck with the next visitors to pass by….

4 April 2019

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Carl Schraefel 7 months, 1 week ago

Great photos as usual grinning Speaking of ducks, did you hear in the news lately about Donald Trump's last press conference on the front lawn of the White House? Apparently at the podium, he quacked on and on. He quacked, quacked, and quacked for over half an hour. No one in attendance was able to confirm for sure what he was quacking on about. It had been revealed by anonymous sources connected to the White House that Trump had just been on the phone with Donald Duck prior to the Press briefing. There is now speculation that Trump is secretly being advised by Donald Duck, yes the real Donald Duck. However, I am sure many will call this fake news. Love your photos!

7 months, 1 week ago Edited
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