World Pinhole Photography Day

by Helen Hooker April. 28, 2019 376 views

Having fitted the new pinhole to my Ondu camera yesterday I was determined to take a few shots with it for World Pinhole Photography Day. With a three-hour rehearsal ahead of me, my opportunities were limited but I made some use of the bridge across the road near the hall where we meet. Obviously, I can’t share the pictures immediately as I’ve still got to finish the roll of film, but I did think to take a quick snap of my setup on my iPhone before I finished. I also took a photo of my orchestra in action. I think many of the players were bewildered by the concept of a 15 minute exposure, but it struck me as being worth a little experimentation. I’m anticipating lots of sharp chairs and music stands, while the musicians will be a hazy blur – time will tell!

28 April 2019

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