From Plymouth Hoe to the Barbican

by Helen Hooker July. 05, 2019 616 views
One of the lions that sit beneath the war memorial on Plymouth Hoe

One of the lions that sit beneath the war memorial on Plymouth Hoe

It’s been a few years since I made it down to the Hoe in Plymouth so I was pleased to have a sunny day for my visit today. Last time I was here it was November and the area around the lighthouse was very quiet. What a contrast there was today – there were so many people out enjoying the warm sunshine and the nearby Lido was incredibly popular.

Walking down the hill to the Barbican area I found large crowds of visitors congregating outside the many cafes and restaurants. I photographed a couple of buildings which piqued my interest, then wandered down to the harbour. Here the light and setting seemed perfect for a monochrome approach. The compact camera I’d brought with me (a Panasonic LX100 mk2 for those interested in such things) was perfect, but I struggled to shoot with the lens wide open because there simply was too much light! My solution was to screw on a ten stop neutral density filter, so I could open up the aperture and slow down my shutter speed. This bit of lateral thinking also enabled me to photograph three men on a nearby boat working on the sails and capture some movement as they moved the canvas around.

Finally, I caught Mountbatten ferry across the harbour and took a stroll along the pier. Here I was entertained by three young men who were making a meal of hauling something up from the sea with their fishing lines. I never did establish what they’d caught, but it was evidently quite sizeable and weighty!

5 July 2019

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