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by Helen Hooker August. 16, 2019 331 views
One of the adults with a beak full of bugs

One of the adults with a beak full of bugs

During my stroll at Hatfield Forest yesterday I noticed a swallows nest in the fishermen’s shelter. The adult birds seemed completely at ease, flying in and out to feed their little ones. Today I returned with a longer lens and spent an hour or so over lunchtime watching and photographing the nest.

This little one stuck its tongue out at me!

This little one stuck its tongue out at me!

Eventually three youngsters peered inquisitively over the edge of the nest at me. I guess they’re used to being ignored by most visitors, eating their lunches below, so they seemed puzzled to see me and my camera.

Whenever Mum or Dad flew in with bugs for their little ones there was great excitement and the three chicks squawked loudly to persuade the parent to feed them over the other two. I presume these birds must be a second or third brood, as it won’t be too long before the swallows’ autumn migration begins. Let’s hope they continue to flourish and are strong enough to join their parents on their first big journey!

16 August 2019

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Abe Jackson 3 weeks, 3 days ago

Great Post and story Helen.

3 weeks, 3 days ago Edited
Tsao T-F 1 month ago

A good story and nice shots, I especially like #8 and #9.

1 month ago Edited
Andi Saw 1 month ago

Amazing! blue heart

1 month ago Edited
Heike 1 month ago

Wonderful set! Each photo made me smile!

1 month ago Edited
Camellia 1 month ago

Fantastic shots! Love them!!

1 month ago Edited
Kay Hooker 1 month ago

Fantastic shots, Helen.  #9  makes me think of three choir boys. I wonder why?

1 month ago Edited
Abigail Gossage 1 month ago

The rule of three!  Love it!

1 month ago Edited
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