Down on the beach

by Helen Hooker August. 30, 2019 627 views

I had to make an unexpected visit to Goring-by-Sea today so naturally I took the opportunity to visit the beach while I was there. I took a few shots on my new pinhole camera, but it’ll be a few days before I get to see the results of those. I’d also taken my camera and a single prime lens with me so I used that to shoot some additional pictures, with the intention of converting them to black and white. There’s something about the contrastiness of sunny days which works so well in monochrome, and the clouds bubbling up in the sky only added to the drama.

As I photographed a shelter on the beach (which I also shot when I was there in January) I encountered an Alsatian dog sniffing around. His owner was having a snooze in the shelter and the dog was quite happy to explore the multitude of interesting aromas around the structure. He looked at me curiously, but didn’t seem especially keen to come and say hello properly, so I contented myself with this semi-hidden portrait of my new acquaintance.

30 August 2019

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Ros Mercury 2 years ago

No.2 is my favorite but then all of them have a certain charm.  Excellent lighting and a lovely dog.

2 years ago Edited
Piotr Matura 2 years ago

Another great set of photos! I agree that monochrome works so well here. I love #3 - it has dramaturgy to thanks to monochrome, sharp focus and well defined lines, but yet emanates calm for me. I love it, I'd hang on a wall wink
I have a small question about it - did you use flash there? Or was the shelter in the center illuminated by some reflected light? Because it is so well exposed and it makes whole photo even better.

2 years ago Edited
Kay Hooker 2 years ago

If only we  had had a time, we could have met there.  Lovely beach, and a handsome looking dog.

2 years ago Edited
Björn Roose 2 years ago

I was thinking: "What the **** is an Alsatian dog ?" when I saw #5, cause all I could see was a German Shepherd. So I looked it up just to know if anything was wrong with my eyes. Lucky me, it's one and the same race smile

2 years ago Edited