The start of another Mini adventure

by Helen Hooker September. 12, 2019 295 views

We’ve had quite a year of adventures with Morris, but we’re not finished yet! This weekend we have the Goodwood Racing Revival, with yet more celebrations of the Mini’s 60th birthday. We’d always planned to attend the event but we’ve ended up being part of it, driving in a track parade with dozens of other Minis each morning.

This morning we arrived at the circuit and got Morris settled in, parked up with lots of other Minis. The circuit was a hive of activity, with racing cars arriving and traders setting out their stalls so you had to keep your wits about you. However, there was nothing to stop us taking a look around, so we did just that!

The Mini theme continues in the Earls Court building, with a tribute to The Italian Job

The Mini theme continues in the Earls Court building, with a tribute to The Italian Job

One of the quirkier features of the Revival is the Settrington Cup, a race for Austin J40 pedal cars, driven by children. Usually the J40 paddock area is closed to the public, but today we were able to sneak in to take a closer look and I was able to catch some cute photos of these diminutive cars.

Rolling one of the J40s into the paddock

Rolling one of the J40s into the paddock

Elsewhere we found a faithful reproduction of the Michelin Building. The real building features some beautiful ceramic tiles and stained glass, while this version is made entirely from wood – not that you’d spot the difference from a distance!

We finished off our day by returning to Goodwood for a little mooch around the ‘Over the road’ area, which had opened early. One of the highlights of this part of the Revival is the Bonhams classic car auction. We’ll get a proper look around tomorrow (no car buying though!) but the outdoor area was open this evening and I found some interesting details among the cars on display. Naturally we pondered which of these vehicles would find a home in our garage if we ever won the lottery and came to the conclusion it would need to be a very large lottery win!

12 September 2019

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Kay Hooker 2 months, 1 week ago

Room in your garage?  What for?  Morris has  most of the space available!

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