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by Helen Hooker November. 21, 2019 521 views
A little greylag goose yoga!

A little greylag goose yoga!

It’s not often that camera manufacturers release major firmware updates for their cameras, but Panasonic did just that this week. Many of the updates for my G9 involved its video abilities, which didn’t particularly excite me. However, the addition of ‘animal detect’ autofocus certainly did as it offers some tantalising improvements when it comes to photographing birds and animals.

A kestrel readying itself for take off

A kestrel readying itself for take off

Yesterday I downloaded the update and installed it on my camera and headed to Rainham Marshes today, under grey skies, to take it for a test drive. After an hour or two I was feeling decidedly cheesed off as I’d failed to get it to recognise any birds - not even a robin sitting on a branch four feet from me! Of course, on arriving home I realised the problem was entirely down to human error as I’d missed one small tweak in the settings - a mistake I won’t make again.

Such a curious gaze...

Such a curious gaze...

Of course, a technical glitch like that wasn’t going to stop me taking some photos with the normal settings. My first port of call was the old cordite store, in search of Rocky, the tame robin. I quickly found a robin, but he seemed oddly reluctant to eat from my hand compared to previous encounters. After a few minutes the robin began to sing to me quietly and I remembered my visit in March, when Rocky brought along his lady friend to meet me. She too sang to me in this sweet way and would take food from the ground but not from my hand. I can only assume this must be Mrs Rocky as she was very happy to eat my mealworms and pose for pictures. Perhaps Rocky was searching for even better treats elsewhere in the undergrowth?!

21 November 2019

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Louis Berk 6 months, 1 week ago

Lovely photos - not sure which Robin it is I encountered the previous week which would feed from my hand. I did use a mixture of RSPB bird food and sunflower seeds - perhaps I spoiled him/her. I'm intrigued to discover if the new firmware improves the G9 in any way. Hopefully, an update soon?

6 months, 1 week ago Edited