Cambridge at a leisurely pace

by Helen Hooker January. 16, 2020 435 views

During my day of pinhole photography in Cambridge last week I threw caution to the wind and recklessly shot two rolls of film. Having finished off the Kodak Portra, I went monochrome and swapped to Ilford FP4. When shooting in colour I looked for scenes which had colour interest in them. For this roll though, I changed my approach, seeking out compositions with graphic interest or strong contrasts of light and shade.

I had the greatest success at the back of Trinity College, where I found strong architectural lines and bright sunshine too - perfect for mono. I’m still learning what makes a great pinhole photo, but it’s very clear that with a ‘lens’ as wide as this I have to get in close.

My favourite spot was a set of gates in the grounds of Trinity College which were in full sun. Having shot them and some text painted on a nearby wall I noticed the shadow I was throwing on the wall and decided a shadowy pinhole selfie was in order!

Having now run a couple of rolls of colour and mono film through my Ondu pinhole camera I'm coming to the conclusion that I prefer the black and white look for this type of photography as I'm not so keen on the distorted colours that long exposures produce. Of course, with medium format colour film being more expensive than mono it also has a price advantage!

16 January 2020

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